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Regular Visits

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Avoid relapse with regular visits.

Now that we have gathered the information we need about you and you have heard and understood what Chiropractic can offer you, you now come to get adjusted.

You will be greeted by the Chiropractic Assistant on arrival and she will direct you to a changing room at your appointment time. You can change into easy-to-move clothes, take off a shirt, shoes etc and get ready for your adjustment.

The Chiropractor will assess your spine at the beginning of the appointment and you may have questions at this time. You will then be adjusted.

If there is any home-care advice it will be given at the end of the appointment. You then head back out to reception via your changing room and make any further appointments with our Chiropractic Assistant.

Ready to get started? Give our Wellington chiropractic office a call today.

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